Charity & Activities

In addition to our normal day to day commercial activities, at B&S Property, we Strongly believe in making a contribution to the community. The Partners and senior staff actively support charities thourgh both direct contributions or sponsoring associates in their charity work.

A charitable trust has been set up by the founding partner, called ‘HK & JH Charitable Trust’. The Charitable Trust’s object are to help relieve hardship or distress as a result of local, national or international disaster or by reason of their social or economic circumstances.

In addition to making direct contribution to projects, the Trust considers application from other chritable organisations. Contact Us for further information.

The Virdee Foundation was setup by one of the Senior Partners at B & S Property, Peter Virdee in loving memory of his Grandfather the lete Jagat Sing Virdee. The Virdee Foundation helps relieve the needs of Women and Children who have or who are in danger of suffering Mental, Physical or Sexual Abuse. Whilst The Virdee Foundation core function are as stated it is not limited to these. In the last few years the Foundations and it’s Trustee’s have participated and made donations to further many other causes. The Charities Trustees have made various Grants to help Women and Children During the last year.

More in formation on The Virdee Foundation and its work can be obtained here